About me

I am a Java professional with international experience and interest in the latest web technologies. My career has taken me to Krakow, Budapest, Zürich, Edinburgh and Helsinki with interesting companies and projects. Since my graduation in 2005 I have been working with Java/J2EE environment. Outside office hours I can be found experimenting with HTML5 technologies like Canvas and WebGL. Or you might spot me hill walking, biking or photographing.

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Most of the project listed here are my hobby projects built on my free time. Some projects have some rough edges as I have built them to explore and learn new technologies but feel free to try them out.

The CMS project is an exception as it was professionally developed while I was working for Civic and it isn't completly written by me.


An open source content management system implemented using Sencha Ext GWT, GWT, REST, Velocity, EJB3, JPA, Hiberate and JBoss. The GitHub project is a fork of the commercially used open source Content Control CMS I used to develop while working for Civic. It uses Apache Velocity for templating and its standard functionalities can be extended with server side JavaScript.

Momentum Racer

HTML5 Canvas space game with simple physics and Facebook scoreboard. The spaceship, targets and particles are all drawn using Canvas.

Quick Doodler

Work in progess - online drawing application with Twitpic integration built with GWT, native JS and Canvas. It also works with touch input devices like Android mobiles.

Electric Canvas

Audio waveform visualizer implemented with HTML5 Canvas and SoundManager2.

Electric WebGL

WebGL version of the Electric Canvas audio waveform visualizer.

Electric WebGL Texture

More advanced WebGL audio waveform visualizer with render to texture feature and some GLSL blurring.


A simple QuickTime metadata editor written in Objective-C based on Python script. Used to control frame rate of the movie file i.e. 60fps to 30fps.